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About me & MVO

Birgit Albertsmeier is Soil Food Web Consultant and certified Soil Web Food Lab Tech. She is a soil enthousiast and loves helping people understand how the soil food web and plants interact. Her mission is to bring our soils back to life.

I help farmers and gardeners inventory their soil life with the microscope, grow their own micro-organisms from their environment in compost and restore their soils. I also give workshops to all interested parties on soil life under the microscope, cooperation between soil life and plants, composting, etc.

Of course, I would prefer all agriculture to be agroecological or permaculture. However, I know this is not realistic. That is why I want to help ensure that conventional farms can get rid of pesticides with minimal pain. Pesticides would then remain reserved for an emergency and therefore be much less harmful.

Nature and farmer can both profit this way

Besides my interest in soil life, I work as a teacher and programmer for the Microsoft Word programme. Previously, I did administrative work for Siemens in Berlin and studied Educational Science with a specialisation in corporate training at the Free University Berlin (Germany).


Even as a teenager, I thought the environment was important and since then, step by step, I have been learning more about what I can do myself to improve my impact on the environment. Hence, at some point I "started doing" CSR in my business. From small steps like printing less, using appliances longer, using the car consciously and green electricity it went to the bigger steps like teleconferencing where possible, solar panels, insulation, getting off the gas with a heat pump

Rijke bodem hopes to become carbon-positive by having a positive impact on the environment. Using the soil food web, (a lot of) CO2 can be stored naturally in the soil.

  • +31 (0)6 588 66 098
  • Rijke bodem Mgr. Bannenberglaan 8 NL - 5581 AH Waalre
  •  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Rijke bodem: Get insight into the Soil Foodweb

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