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Taking a soil sample for Soil Food Web analysis
20 December 2023

The Success of a Soil Food Web Experiment: Impressive Growth Advantage for Lettuce

In the realm of sustainable agriculture and ecologically responsible gardening, increasingly innovative methods are being explored to enhance soil health. A Soil Food Web experiment, conducted in Portugal by the Soil Food Web students El...
Approaches of regeneratieve agriculture
13 September 2023

Regenerative agriculture improves soil life and plant health

The goal is clear: everyone is looking for optimal plant growth. In regenerative agriculture, there are different concepts of how to achieve this. They all affect the cycle of more diverse soil life (including more beneficial fungi) - be...
Restoring the soil food web
12 June 2023

The Soil Food Web: The prerequisite for Healthy Soil and Plant Growth

Healthy soil is the basis for lush plant growth and a fertile garden. But did you know that below the surface, a whole world of micro-organisms are active that are essential for creating a fertile soil? Called the "Soil Food Web", this i...
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